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Want (EP)

by Scalper

Verse1: I seek no heaven for the fear of hell All I want is of Love to smell Amazing dreams amazing waking Clear thoughts amidst embroiled in a duel with a dragon In a dungeon It’s myself that I constantly bludgeoned Ruthless enemy I created Grow my friend appetite craving Digest them all everything edible Don’t hate no one but truly hate them all Chorus: Rooks Raven Magpies Crows I seek no heaven for the fear of hell All I want is of Love to smell Verse2: Not myself I been been not myself Unbeknown to myself Slow execution executing myself Myself me, me myself and I We All together now so now shall see I been ravaging we’ve been killing for so long Droplet diamonds weaving spells Wake me fresh the dew morning smells
Want 02:59
Cold Castles 03:48
Verse1: We can’t all cry but today I cried Most times don’t dare to step from this numbness Arid eyes and the tearless blinking Silence silenced my sense of self Sensing selfish silent sickness It never made sense when we had no sense New found senses still make no sense Infidel in the infidels eyes Infidel lies infidel dies I can’t make sense of this senseless sentence Electrics charged for shock interventions Gaseous chambers smallpox blankets Outright murder under the carpets Hands off for the thief Castrate the rapists Tendrills sprawling you may not escape it Living in the belly in the bile you’ll face it Tongue to the back of the mouth You can taste it Chorus: What you know of what you know? You know nothing for nothing you saw You saw nothing for nothing to see It’s cold in here it’s cold right here It’s cold in here it’s cold right here Verse 2: Watch it crumble as proudly as it stood It seems impossible but we’ll meet soon But before this. we must suffer the stillness We can will this, let it soothe Medicate them maladies that betray us Killing me and killing you
Chorus: Strange People With strange ways They speak strange It’s so strange what they say Verse1: Don’t trust strangers, don’t trust them strangers Strangely strange Something strangely familiar none the less so strange Look how they eat so strange See how they dress so strange Explain yourself, explain me this Why you so strange? I’m unsure, this behavior strange Strange behavior so strange to me Please help me they're strange Verse 2: This strange fear contagious plagueing me for ages I’m the strangest being ever created Walking this place so beautiful I desecrate it I’m a stranger even to my strange faces I find myself strangely racing in these strange human races.


Scalper returns with the 'Want' EP just in time for the Holiday season.

The new batch of songs will be released with a stunning video for the song 'Rooks Ravens Magpies Crows' the leading single for these four unreleased tracks.

You can listen to a couple of tracks free, but I'd prefer that you choose to support me by buying my music and helping me continue creating. Thank you.

Watch all Scalper music videos & listen to full albums : www.youtube.com/mrscalper

Some of the songs were created in France while Scalper was on his French Tour in Spring (Northern Hemisphere) 2017.

Videos were filmed and finalised in Nancy, France, directed by Romain Zawadski.

This new release by Scalper on Quixote r.p.m (FR) rises from under the waters bringing us his unique musical style, social commentary and observation of the self.

'Rooks Ravens Magpies Crows' appeals to the essence of what humanity is meant to be, a place of love and compassion. Not a place where fear prevents one from imagining a better place beyond and crippling positivity with the illusion of certainty and doom.

'Want' invokes the energy of the Universe and all its creative forces...but one should be wary of what one may desire as it may not be what one may need... WANT shall be provided.

‘Strange People’ hands out a mirror to whoever thinks everyone else out of line. There are two sides to the window of judgement.

‘Cold Castles’, are those places within where one does not feel anything anymore except a ghostly numbness. The places where knowing anything is really knowing nothing at all.


released December 12, 2017

Scalper : Vocals
Scalper : Producer
Maximiliano Pierret : Additional bass guitar on tracks 1, 3 & 4
Scott Hindman : Additional electric guitar on track 4
Roger Beaujolais : Vibraphone on track 1


all rights reserved



Scalper London, UK

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